Honey bees in yard and garden

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The art and science of managing honey bees

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Bayer Bee Care

Committed to honey bee health for over 25 years

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Feed A Bee

Growing 50 million flowers for bees

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Bees play a vital role in our agricultural system and are important contributors to the beauty and productivity of our urban landscapes and backyard gardens. Since bees help pollinate one of every three bites of food that we eat, they are important to our food supply and to our lives. That's why the Bayer Bee Care program has been working for the care and protection of honey bee health for more than 25 years. learn more

This year, we set out to grow 50 million flowers for bees to feast on – and we are proud to announce that we have reached our goal.  Find out how you can commit to growing a local, bee-attractant plant or receive updates on bee health.

Feed a Bee